Miss Ocean Pink is a SEWING RAG QUEEN. Who simply loves to daydream within the realms of her own favourite passions, sewing and dressing up. The styles and fashions of her creations do differ from time to time, depending upon the inspirational ambience that soaks her mind and captures her imaginations.  Nether the less all such creations are usually compiled using recycled fabrics, such as old bed sheets or duvet covers, curtains, tablecloths and rescued unwanted items of clothing that friends or family want to bin/trash, the odd piece of elastic here there, along with as much embellishments she can lay her pretty little hands on.

As a teenager she used to sew all the time, not being happy with the style of hand me down clothing, that at the time was considered “old fashioned” she would spend many a long evening eagerly ripping seems apart to gently rearrange, reshape and sew the pieces together again, making a whole cool wardrobe of newly looking garments. She often smiles warmly to herself when memories come flooding back reminding her of the nights she spent cutting triangles from her Dear sweet mothers table cloths to insert into the lower outside drainpipe trouser seams, to make very “hip n happening” bell bottoms flairs, or to sew pillow cases into pencil skirts, oh and high waist bands was all the rage, so all tops, skirts along with trousers, had to have a wider band added. Her mothers friends would always find the time to pass on admiring complimentary comments to her, on how her mother was always buying her the latest fashionable trends. This was another moment in the life of Miss Ocean Pink that she would lightly smile to herself, while feeling fully aware of her sense of creative achievements.

Over the years Miss Ocean Pink has sewn the odd bespoke garment here and there including male and female wedding attire , garments for growing families, small theatre group costumes and taught sewing arts & craft in local community centres. But it is in these last past four years when a ambitious change of personal circumstances gave way to Miss Ocean Pink’s natural creative flare and artistic benevolence, allowing her to become more than ever, braver and adventurous towards a deeper and richer sewing existence.

Not being one to allow a small thing such as word blindness /disclexier dyslexier dyslexia to stand in her way, she will use this little blog as a focal central space, recording now and again her sewing ventures, thoughts and fancies.

With Love Miss Ocean Pink



Now if I cut the bottom off of them trousers, I could turn them into hotpants with a bib n brace. XXX