If you have read the ABOUT MISS OCEAN PINK page on this blog, then you will already be in the know, to the fact that, Miss Ocean Pink has always ripped clothes apart (re-fashioning) and lovingly rearranged them to make garments more pleasing to her very own particular desired dressing taste. There are many reasons to why individuals would find themselves partaking in such a drastic clothe hacking past-time and over the years Miss Ocean Pink’s own reasons have evolved to include the following explanations.

  • Passion: A heated burning desire, for creative sewing, that ignites her imagination to manipulate and experiment within her own sewing processes.

  • Frugality: saving the pennies to spend on some of life’s other little indulgences

  • Environmental awareness :Miss Ocean Pink is all about spreading the peace n love, not waste and destruction by littering the world with all her unwanted cast off’s.

  • Conscience: She takes in some little comfort of mind, knowing that she is not willingly supporting the global exploitation of sweat shop workers.

Some Personal Advantages Of Up-Cycling Or Refashioning Used Clothes

  • You learn how garments are sewn together

  • Some of the sewing work is already done for you

  • Quicker to make up

  • A cheaper way to sew

  • You become more confident being your very own personal fashion designer

Some Up-Cycling Tips

  • Don’t throw clothes away, Up-cycle them or ask a dear sweet friend, who can sew and has the time to help, to lend you a crafty sewing hand.

  • If you do need to part with your clothes. Give them to a clothes bank, a charity shop, swap them with family or friends, sell them on online auctions or at a boot-sale. Just DON’T TRASH them

  • If they are no longer wearable, don’t forget to cut out zips, buttons, hooks n eyes, pockets, cuffs, collars and any embellishments that can be reused such as lace, beads and motifs.


If your new to sewing or wish to improve upon your talents, then it needn’t cost you the Earth to do “sew.” Search the web for any sewing skills that you wish to master, as they ARE all out there in many shapes and forms. So look around till you find tutorials that are easy for you to follow and understand. There’s a wealth of invaluable FREE sewing lessons, patterns, tips, videos, books and much more, along with online sewing groups, that you will find are very welcoming and friendly, not to mention extremely helpful with your own specific sewing craft. Miss Ocean Pink will be constantly updating her sewing links on the bottom of this blog, so please feel free to come back here from time to time, and check the links at the bottom of the blog page to see if there is any sewing craft links, that may be of interest to you.


Recycled Fashion


Refashion Co-op


Wardrobe Re-Fashion


Here is a Re- Fashioned top/dress project that Miss Ocean Pink rearranged and  sewed in a hour last week. It was very easy to make up and anyone that can sew in a straight line should be able pull this one off as well.

Please forgive the lighting in some of the pics as Miss Ocean Pink had to use her phone to take the little snaps.

As both tops was stretch fabrics, it was very simple to sew them together. The waist has two rows of stitch lines for reinforcement of straight stitch and the two fabrics where stretched a little, while sewing to keep the elasticity in the garment. when sewing the sleeves in place, the stitching was sewn within the rib line section of the knitted orange top, to keep a neat finish. The shoulder pads where recycled from a jacket padding and cut in half, then sewn by hand into the shoulders of the black top. All seam edges where left raw/ un-sewn, as both of these fabrics do  not fray.

The two tops cost just £1 each, from a local charity shop and was a very fun and rewarding sewing project to complete in no time at all, another nice thing about this dress top is that, it fits Miss Ocean Pink like a glove with comfy ease.


These two items below were Kindly donated by a friend and hopefully Miss Ocean Pink will be able to find the time over the week end to re- Fashion them into something completely different and fun to wear.

Wishing you all the very best with your own fabulous sewing ventures

& Good Luck!

Miss Ocean Pink