When it comes to setting the mood for a given situation Miss Ocean Pink is in her element, she simply loves all the drama and thought pathways, leading up to a grand finale. Whatever the occasion, finding the right mood and setting the seen, is the key to the overall image she wishes to convey. Now,… the Chocolate Truffle gown was no exception to this rule and started its existence as a little daydream that slowly started to grow and expand to include other elements that she felt would compliment and enhance the overall character and flow of the gown.

To date, the gown is not quite complete, there are lots more beading and sequins that need to be added, but Miss Ocean Pink thought it would be rather fun to post some revealing pics at this stage in the process. Apart from the chocolate lining fabric, thread and elastic, all other materials, such as the velvet curtain and beaded sequinned purse, were recycled, or donated from friends, family and a sympathetic, chivalrous stranger that came to her rescue just in the nick of time, after overhearing her pleas for a very large n well polished glass diamond stone .

Over in the FITTING ROOM, you will catch a peep of Miss Ocean Pink trying on the Tate Britain inspired Chocolate Truffle Gown just before making some little fitting adjustments. XXX