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If you have read the ABOUT MISS OCEAN PINK page on this blog, then you will already be in the know, to the fact that, Miss Ocean Pink has always ripped clothes apart (re-fashioning) and lovingly rearranged them to make garments more pleasing to her very own particular desired dressing taste. There are many reasons to why individuals would find themselves partaking in such a drastic clothe hacking past-time and over the years Miss Ocean Pink’s own reasons have evolved to include the following explanations.

  • Passion: A heated burning desire, for creative sewing, that ignites her imagination to manipulate and experiment within her own sewing processes.

  • Frugality: saving the pennies to spend on some of life’s other little indulgences

  • Environmental awareness :Miss Ocean Pink is all about spreading the peace n love, not waste and destruction by littering the world with all her unwanted cast off’s.

  • Conscience: She takes in some little comfort of mind, knowing that she is not willingly supporting the global exploitation of sweat shop workers.

Some Personal Advantages Of Up-Cycling Or Refashioning Used Clothes

  • You learn how garments are sewn together

  • Some of the sewing work is already done for you

  • Quicker to make up

  • A cheaper way to sew

  • You become more confident being your very own personal fashion designer

Some Up-Cycling Tips

  • Don’t throw clothes away, Up-cycle them or ask a dear sweet friend, who can sew and has the time to help, to lend you a crafty sewing hand.

  • If you do need to part with your clothes. Give them to a clothes bank, a charity shop, swap them with family or friends, sell them on online auctions or at a boot-sale. Just DON’T TRASH them

  • If they are no longer wearable, don’t forget to cut out zips, buttons, hooks n eyes, pockets, cuffs, collars and any embellishments that can be reused such as lace, beads and motifs.


If your new to sewing or wish to improve upon your talents, then it needn’t cost you the Earth to do “sew.” Search the web for any sewing skills that you wish to master, as they ARE all out there in many shapes and forms. So look around till you find tutorials that are easy for you to follow and understand. There’s a wealth of invaluable FREE sewing lessons, patterns, tips, videos, books and much more, along with online sewing groups, that you will find are very welcoming and friendly, not to mention extremely helpful with your own specific sewing craft. Miss Ocean Pink will be constantly updating her sewing links on the bottom of this blog, so please feel free to come back here from time to time, and check the links at the bottom of the blog page to see if there is any sewing craft links, that may be of interest to you.


Recycled Fashion


Refashion Co-op


Wardrobe Re-Fashion


Here is a Re- Fashioned top/dress project that Miss Ocean Pink rearranged and  sewed in a hour last week. It was very easy to make up and anyone that can sew in a straight line should be able pull this one off as well.

Please forgive the lighting in some of the pics as Miss Ocean Pink had to use her phone to take the little snaps.

As both tops was stretch fabrics, it was very simple to sew them together. The waist has two rows of stitch lines for reinforcement of straight stitch and the two fabrics where stretched a little, while sewing to keep the elasticity in the garment. when sewing the sleeves in place, the stitching was sewn within the rib line section of the knitted orange top, to keep a neat finish. The shoulder pads where recycled from a jacket padding and cut in half, then sewn by hand into the shoulders of the black top. All seam edges where left raw/ un-sewn, as both of these fabrics do  not fray.

The two tops cost just £1 each, from a local charity shop and was a very fun and rewarding sewing project to complete in no time at all, another nice thing about this dress top is that, it fits Miss Ocean Pink like a glove with comfy ease.


These two items below were Kindly donated by a friend and hopefully Miss Ocean Pink will be able to find the time over the week end to re- Fashion them into something completely different and fun to wear.

Wishing you all the very best with your own fabulous sewing ventures

& Good Luck!

Miss Ocean Pink



As a person who enjoys the experience of the journey as much as the final destination, Miss Ocean Pink simply loves all the time spent on her sewing processes. Sewing for her is not just about the finished garment, its about all the pleasure gained while using her sewing time, such as, design and fabric choices, construction along with closing methods, what sewing machine will she be using and why? (Ha! And she has a lot to choose from), and it is with regards to some of her sewing machines that over the years Miss Ocean Pink has managed to retain a sound colourful peaceful mind, a richness of self worth and being, not to mention a youthful glowing, radiant complexion.

Miss Ocean Pink is quite excited at the thought of sharing some of her beloved eco sewing treasures here in her Sewing Ambience, in particular her hand crank sewing machines, vintage and retro models that she uses to create her little fabric gems from time to time. Not all of them started their mechanical life as hand crank manual machines, some have been crafterly adapted from being electric driven to people power stitchers, by non other than Miss Ocean Pink herself. XXX

Miss Tilly

Meet Miss Tilly, she is a low shank Singer model 28 born in 1907, ¾ the size of the average machines of the era she was made in, and is a vibrating shuttle type, her bobbin case is shaped a little like a bullet. Tilly was a gift some 5 yrs ago and has been a very useful aid in sewing a multitude of garments. Very easy to sew with, although she does not like to sew with some dark threads, this could have something to do with the dye affecting the quality of the fibre strands, “so we have been told” but apart from that little issue, as long as she is oiled and cleaned of lint build up, she is a fantastic little hard working, peaceful machine to work with. She has her own little set of sewing machine accessories (will talk more about in next blog entry) and is able to use some other low shank vintage sewing machine attachments such. button holers, zig zaggers, blind hemmer ect.


Introducing Ava, who is a singer 221 also known as a Featherweight, she arrived in this world in 1950, Just like a Hollywood movie star, she oozes style, class and sophistication, all rolled into her tiny shiny frame, as she is only ¼ the size of other popular sewing machines at the time. But don’t let her small size mislead you, for this little hunny is a fully functional top quality sewing seamstress. Originally she run on electric but her little vintage motor had all burned out, her timing was all out of sink and her rubber stands needed replacing when she first arrived, so Miss Ocean Pink quickly set about repairing this stunning 50s vintage beauty, by taking off the motor and replacing Ava’s fly wheel with another that had a small handle in it, readjusted the timing, fixing in place new rubber stands and “hey presto” Ava was back in the lime light once again. Although Ava is only a straight with reverse stitch machine, she is quite capable of achieving a vast array of sewing tasks. As a very portable machine she often pops into a hand bag and accompanies Miss Ocean Pink on trips and outings, sometimes to the local coffee shop, on train journeys and river cruses. A very rewarding stylish but practical sewing companion.

What does the future hold for Ava? Well over the next coming months Ava will have a light fitted along with a battery compartment to hold rechargeable batteries to power her light.



Xena is a large and heavy, chunky sewing machine, with lots of knobs and leavers that offers strength to her overall enchantment and character. Her name tag says Concord and she looks like a clone of known models around the 70s era, not much information is known about her prier to the time she came to stay with Miss Ocean Pink, however she does have an electric motor that can be quickly reconnected and when in electric mode, boy is she noisy but super fast and speedy. As her motor is an external one that clips on at the back and the bobbin winder is on the top of the machine, it was very very simple and easy to take her motor off, change the fly wheel to one with spokes, pop a handle on and this wonderful eco power horse was galloping away and what a strong girl she is at that, with the right needle and thread Xena can sew through multi thick layers of fabric manually, ha ha if you can turn it she can sew it. She is sew very dearly loved,

Here is a list of some of what she has to offer

  • she is a high shank

  • lots of two way zigzag pattern variation stitches, plus the pattern cams to allow her to do so

  • reverse sewing

  • three drop feed dog positions,

  • three needle positions

  • twin needle sewing

  • push button, quick release presser foot pressure gage

  • three levels of presser foot hight

  • roomy harp area for larger projects

  • large selection of machine feet

Lady Andrea,

We welcome here Lady Andrea, that is a low shank Singer 99, she began her days way back in 1937 and has the same bobbin system as the singer models 66 and 201. It must be said that she is a very smooth and shiny operator and very comfortable to work with. Being a ¾ sized machine she has a small harp area as apposed to the 66 and 201 but that does not take away any of her reliability and stitch quality. Miss Ocean Pink often employs Andrea when using sewing gadgets such as the rug makers or button holers as she is so quick to set up and never complains.


Great aunty Cleo is sew unbelievably reliable its amazing. She’s a low shank singer 127 and like Tilly (Singer 28) has a vibrating shuttle mechanism. Still loyal since 1914 and a dream to sew with. What is loved about aunt Cleo is her ability to sew a vast range of fabrics of different textures and thickness’s from the word go, with only the slightest adjustments needed i.e. tension or pressure clamp. She still has some of her original accessories such as Pin tucker, Ruffler, narrow hemmers and Darning/embroidery foot.


OOo La La! Madam Josephine we all love your Lotus decal its still very eye catching and beautiful since your first appearance in 1917″. Josephine is low shank singer 66 but unlike the singers 201 and 99, the 66 has her own unique style of feet, that are called back clamp (see pic) and has a full set of different ones to help her achieve different sewing tasks just like the other low shanked side clamped vintage machines from that era, that is apart from the gathering foot. Miss Ocean Pink is not quite sure if any back clamped gathering feet where ever made, but she will still endeavour to continue looking for one on behalf of Josephine. When Miss Ocean Pink first rescued Josephine from the scrap yard, she was in a poor state in deed and did not have a handle or carrying case, there was however signs to show that Josephine had once been a treadle head but with some TLC along with a new handle Josephine is very contented to be cranked rather than treadled


Aar! Babe is a new arrival to Miss Ocean Pink’s house hold, its only been a week since she was delivered to us and not much information as of yet, is known about Babe, She is an early chain stitch and Miss Ocean Pink thinks that she is a toy machine, but L@@K at her isnt she sew cute? When Miss Ocean pink finds out more about Babe, she will share it here with every one.

When it comes to setting the mood for a given situation Miss Ocean Pink is in her element, she simply loves all the drama and thought pathways, leading up to a grand finale. Whatever the occasion, finding the right mood and setting the seen, is the key to the overall image she wishes to convey. Now,… the Chocolate Truffle gown was no exception to this rule and started its existence as a little daydream that slowly started to grow and expand to include other elements that she felt would compliment and enhance the overall character and flow of the gown.

To date, the gown is not quite complete, there are lots more beading and sequins that need to be added, but Miss Ocean Pink thought it would be rather fun to post some revealing pics at this stage in the process. Apart from the chocolate lining fabric, thread and elastic, all other materials, such as the velvet curtain and beaded sequinned purse, were recycled, or donated from friends, family and a sympathetic, chivalrous stranger that came to her rescue just in the nick of time, after overhearing her pleas for a very large n well polished glass diamond stone .

Over in the FITTING ROOM, you will catch a peep of Miss Ocean Pink trying on the Tate Britain inspired Chocolate Truffle Gown just before making some little fitting adjustments. XXX

From time to time Miss Ocean Pink may find herself quite pleasingly nibbling on a chunk of her favourite organic fair trade chocolate bar. It was on one such an indulgent occasion that she was caressingly carried away by one of her creative daydreams, visioning a gown with frills and swirls of chocolate ruffles, that shifted and swayed as she manoeuvred her lovely endearing self around and simply bounced to and fro whenever caught by an uplifting seasonal blowing breeze. She immediately wrote her thoughts down along with a quick sketch of what was on her mind so she could add to it later when she got out of the bath.

Unfortunately when the time came for her to start this new gown, Miss Ocean pink found to her dismay that in her vast collections of fabrics (mostly recycled and a few new) that she didn’t posses the type of clothe she needed for this particular project, so off she ran with sketch book in hand to her local fabric store, where upon after much joyful deliberation, purchased six yards of shiny chocolate lining material.

Back home she waisted no time measuring, cutting and pressing long strips to be gathered. The next three sewing sessions involved lots of thread pulling, to gather the ruffles, more and more measuring for row placement of ruffles, chalking, pinning and basting, to get these little swayers all ready for the stitching in place, of which was accomplished in no time at all with the aid of a faithful reliable friend that goes by the name of Miss Frister Rossmann 503


This was only the beginning of her chocolate sweet toothed creative adventure, and needless to say the very starting point of yet another alluring sewing journey, as the top parts of this gown was yet to be visualised in the forever crafty flowing mind of Miss Ocean Pink. That was until!……… She had just finished reading some of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s rich Gothic poems, when another serge of compelling ideas struck, by capturing her imagination and directed her to seek out some of the fabulous textured, painted garments depicted in the pre Raphaelite works, that hang in the worldly renowned rooms of the Tate Britain art Gallery.

Her driver dropped her off at the back of the building, where with bated breath and anticipation to knowing what artistic wonderments would welcome and embrace her upon arrival, she eagerly trip-troped her shiny little black patent stiletto heels along to the gallery’s side entrance and joyously stepped in. The ambience of Tate Britain never fails to up-lift and overwhelm the very soulful essence of Miss Ocean Pink and on this occasion she found herself almost brought to tears, as she entered a room only to discover that one of her much beloved, favourite paintings had been loaned out to another gallery for a short period, but with a turn of gaze she soon found solace in the viewing comforts of THE LADY OF SHALOTT. (John William Waterhouse 1888) another well known work that she finds captivating when ever her eyes are allured to its innocent depths of sorrow, depicted by magnificent skill-full brushwork, radiating out on a 60×79 inc canvas.

Her search for fabric and design inspiration lead to Miss Ocean Pink spending no less than four pleasurous hours, drifting from painting to painting with thoughts of admiration and a crafty mind that was yearn-fully seeking to be grabbed at impulse any subtlety minute, by they that go by the name of creative inspirations. Feeling full of ideas for numerous other projects that this visit had given her, she did not quite receive what she initially intending to find, that being the top half of her chocolate ruffles. She took her final last minute notes and sketches of paintings, bade farewell to staff members before leaving through the front main entrance doors, tottled down the steps and skipped across the main road to reach and view the river Thames shimmering away opposite the Tate Britain.

It was just as she was swimming in day dreams of glistening light particles, bouncing off of ripples in the water, that something inside of her told her to turn around, and  as she did so, her pulse started racing, her knees became wobbly and her breath escaped her. It had finally happened, she had been touched by what she had been originally seeking those four hours previous. As she stood there, back to the river and facing the building, she knew right there and then that this was the very image she would work with and draw from its overall strengths of grandiose presence. XXX

There are many times in the week where Miss Ocean Pink sneaks a little retreat into her much loved and appreciated sewing room, not always alas, to make a sewn spectacular, no not always the time, but rather to grab a little essence of creative comfort, away from her otherwise very busy and sometimes very crazy, hectic daily timetable. It only takes her a few minutes in there for a sense of calm and order to be restored to this crafty yearnful being, (Back in the Pink). From taking a peak at a project that she’s currently working on, a quick admiring gaze of how a beam of sunlight magically bounces off of a much adored vintage sewing machine, flicking through the pages of a cherished book from her sewing library, checking that a certain sewing machine has all its own little feet and attachments safely placed in its storage containers, or just a prompt embellishment query from laces, ribbons, beads, buttons, sequins ectr. Sometimes Miss Ocean Pink even finds herself conjuring up on the spot, devious cunning mental excuses, to justify her deviations away from other business or household domestic chores. She has found that loosing things can be a blessing in disguise. “0h I just need to pop upstairs and see if I’ve left the keys in the sewing room, won’t be long.”another escape trick of hers’ is to check if she has locked the cat (Bodica) in this sewing room. (well sometimes she actually has. Oops!) Her much loved sewing room is a tranquil, energising space for her to tune into her creative imaginations. Its as though time has stopped still and the rest of the world goes by doing all the important /unimportant things that the world dose and dose not do, a hundred million light years away from her, leaving her the freedom to daydream and fantasize within any area of sewing ventures that might take her fancy .That’s not meant to convey an image of an always orderly and tidy sewing room, (em! Well, creative passions have been known to flow wildly, splashing out of utter control, leaving oceans of disorderly creative chaos in the proses.) This is the one room in the whole of the world, were Miss Ocean Pink can truly come into life exploring and living out all the crafty adventures of her ever expanding creative sewing passions.

Miss Ocean Pink Wishes to say a very warm and loving thank you to all the individuals known and unknown, past and present, who have contributed their time and efforts, directly and indirectly in the vast ocean of sewing arts, allowing her to take great pleasure and comfort in her favourite past time of all. X X X

Some frilly bits n bobs

1920s Woman's institute book on lingerie sewing

A 1940s pattern book

Ruby Rainbows little box of trix

Miss Ruby Rainbow shines


A work in progress

A reliable sewer