There are many times in the week where Miss Ocean Pink sneaks a little retreat into her much loved and appreciated sewing room, not always alas, to make a sewn spectacular, no not always the time, but rather to grab a little essence of creative comfort, away from her otherwise very busy and sometimes very crazy, hectic daily timetable. It only takes her a few minutes in there for a sense of calm and order to be restored to this crafty yearnful being, (Back in the Pink). From taking a peak at a project that she’s currently working on, a quick admiring gaze of how a beam of sunlight magically bounces off of a much adored vintage sewing machine, flicking through the pages of a cherished book from her sewing library, checking that a certain sewing machine has all its own little feet and attachments safely placed in its storage containers, or just a prompt embellishment query from laces, ribbons, beads, buttons, sequins ectr. Sometimes Miss Ocean Pink even finds herself conjuring up on the spot, devious cunning mental excuses, to justify her deviations away from other business or household domestic chores. She has found that loosing things can be a blessing in disguise. “0h I just need to pop upstairs and see if I’ve left the keys in the sewing room, won’t be long.”another escape trick of hers’ is to check if she has locked the cat (Bodica) in this sewing room. (well sometimes she actually has. Oops!) Her much loved sewing room is a tranquil, energising space for her to tune into her creative imaginations. Its as though time has stopped still and the rest of the world goes by doing all the important /unimportant things that the world dose and dose not do, a hundred million light years away from her, leaving her the freedom to daydream and fantasize within any area of sewing ventures that might take her fancy .That’s not meant to convey an image of an always orderly and tidy sewing room, (em! Well, creative passions have been known to flow wildly, splashing out of utter control, leaving oceans of disorderly creative chaos in the proses.) This is the one room in the whole of the world, were Miss Ocean Pink can truly come into life exploring and living out all the crafty adventures of her ever expanding creative sewing passions.

Miss Ocean Pink Wishes to say a very warm and loving thank you to all the individuals known and unknown, past and present, who have contributed their time and efforts, directly and indirectly in the vast ocean of sewing arts, allowing her to take great pleasure and comfort in her favourite past time of all. X X X

Some frilly bits n bobs

1920s Woman's institute book on lingerie sewing

A 1940s pattern book

Ruby Rainbows little box of trix

Miss Ruby Rainbow shines


A work in progress

A reliable sewer